Raghu Sundaram: From Stern Dean to NYU Strategist

Pujit Siddhant

May 15 2024

<div style=' background:#FFFFFF;color:#000000;font-family:Verdana;width:auto;padding:5px;max-height:100%;'><span><p><a href="linkedin.com/in/raghu-sundaram-8735a0/">Raghu Sundaram</a>, previously holding the esteemed position of Edward I. Altman Professor of Credit and Debt Markets at New York University's Leonard N. <a href="https://www.stern.nyu.edu/">Stern School of Business</a>, has recently taken on a significant new role within the university. Effective immediately, Sundaram has been appointed as the Senior Vice Chancellor and Head of Global Strategy for NYU, marking a notable progression in his career trajectory.</p><p>Sundaram's transition to this key position is a reflection of his demonstrated leadership capabilities and strategic insight, honed during his tenure as the dean of NYU Stern School of Business. Since assuming the deanship in January 2018, Sundaram has steered Stern towards notable achievements across various fronts.</p><p>Under Sundaram's stewardship, Stern has experienced notable milestones, including notable fundraising efforts, heightened admissions metrics, and expansion of innovative programs. His strategic initiatives have positioned Stern as a prominent player in business education, particularly in entrepreneurship, technology, and sustainability.</p><p>Sundaram's new role as Senior Vice Chancellor and Head of Global Strategy underscores his continued commitment to shaping NYU's strategic direction on a global scale. Leveraging his expertise in finance, economics, and business administration, he will oversee initiatives aimed at bolstering NYU's global presence, fostering strategic alliances, and driving innovation across the university.</p><p>While assuming his new responsibilities, Sundaram will also continue to serve as Stern's dean until July 1, 2024, ensuring a smooth transition while dedicating part of his time to his expanded role. His tenure as dean has been characterized by significant achievements and a transformative impact, earning him respect and recognition from colleagues, students, and stakeholders.</p><p>In his new capacity, Sundaram will draw upon his extensive experience, strategic foresight, and collaborative leadership style to advance NYU's mission of academic excellence, innovation, and global engagement. His appointment reflects NYU's commitment to harnessing the expertise of its faculty leaders to effect positive change and leave a lasting imprint on the world stage.</p><p>Sundaram's journey to this pivotal role is rooted in his academic journey and intellectual pursuits. Educated in India, he earned his Bachelor's degree from the <a href="https://www.unom.ac.in/">University of Madras</a> and his Master of Business Administration from the <a href="https://www.iima.ac.in/">Indian Institute of Management</a>, Ahmedabad,&nbsp;before furthering his studies in the United States, where he obtained a Master's degree and a Ph.D. in Economics from <a href="https://www.cornell.edu/">Cornell University</a>.</p><p>Throughout his academic career, Sundaram has distinguished himself as a prolific scholar, educator, and institutional leader. His research contributions span various areas, including agency problems, executive compensation, derivatives pricing, and credit risk management. As the author of two influential books and numerous scholarly articles, Sundaram has made enduring contributions to the fields of finance, economics, and business administration.</p><p>Sundaram's appointment as Senior Vice Chancellor and Head of Global Strategy heralds a new era of innovation, collaboration, and strategic leadership at NYU. With his expertise, dedication, and visionary leadership, Sundaram is poised to steer NYU towards greater heights of success and global impact in the years ahead.</p><span></div>

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