Can NRIs vote in the Indian elections? Yes, here's how.


Mar 28 2024

<div style=' background:#FFFFFF;color:#000000;font-family:Verdana;width:auto;padding:5px;max-height:100%;'><span><p>As the 2024 Lok Sabha elections approach, the Indian government is urging Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to engage in the democratic process. This comprehensive guide aims to assist NRIs in navigating the voter registration process and exercising their right to vote from abroad.</p><p>Eligibility Criteria:</p><p>To qualify as an NRI voter, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria:</p><p>- Citizenship of India</p><p>- Age of 18 or above as of January 1st of the election year</p><p>- Possession of a valid Indian passport</p><p>- Absence of citizenship from any other country</p><p>- Temporary residence outside India for reasons such as employment or education</p><p>Registration Process:</p><p>NRIs can register to vote by completing Form 6A, tailored for overseas voters. The form requires essential details like name, age, gender, passport information, overseas residential address, and address in India as per the passport.</p><p>Submission Options:</p><p>Form 6A submission can be done online via the National Voters' Service Portal (NVSP) or offline by downloading the form and submitting it to the nearest Indian embassy or consulate. Submission entails attaching relevant documents, including passport photocopies and visa details.</p><p>Verification and Approval:</p><p>Upon submission, the local Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) verifies the provided details, which may involve contacting the applicant for confirmation. Once verified, the applicant's name is added to the electoral roll, and they receive confirmation of their voter registration status.</p><p>Casting the Vote:</p><p>NRIs must be physically present at their designated polling stations in India on the election day to cast their vote. It is imperative to ensure their name is on the electoral roll of their constituency and carry their Indian passport for identification.</p><p>FAQs:</p><p>1. Who qualifies to vote as an NRI in Indian elections?</p><p>Any citizen of India residing outside the country who has not acquired citizenship elsewhere, is 18 years or older as of January 1st of the election year, and holds a valid Indian passport is eligible to vote as an NRI.</p><p>2. What is Form 6A, and why is it necessary for NRI voting?</p><p>Form 6A is an application form specifically designed for NRIs to register as voters in Indian elections. It serves as a crucial tool in enabling NRIs to exercise their voting rights from abroad.</p><p>3. Can Form 6A be submitted online or in person at an Indian embassy?</p><p>Form 6A can be submitted both online through the NVSP and offline by downloading the form and submitting it to the nearest Indian embassy or consulate along with the necessary documents.</p><p>4. What documents are required for NRI voter registration?</p><p>Applicants need to provide a photocopy of relevant pages of their valid Indian passport, including the page containing visa details, as part of the Form 6A submission process.</p><p>5. How will applicants know if their voter registration as an NRI is successful?</p><p>Upon verification and approval by the constituency's Electoral Registration Officer (ERO), applicants receive confirmation of their voter registration status, often communicated via email or postal mail.</p><p>6. Is physical presence in India necessary to vote in the elections?</p><p>Yes, current guidelines stipulate that NRIs must be physically present at their designated polling stations in India on election day to cast their vote.</p><p>7. Are there provisions for online or postal ballot voting for NRIs?</p><p>Presently, there are no provisions for online or postal ballot voting for NRIs in Indian elections. NRIs must physically be present at their polling stations to vote.</p><p>8. What should NRIs do if they are unable to travel to India to vote?</p><p>While physical presence in India is mandatory for voting, NRIs can stay engaged in the democratic process by encouraging friends and family in India to vote and staying informed about electoral outcomes.</p><p>9. Can NRIs vote in any constituency in India?</p><p>NRIs can only vote in the constituency where their place of residence, as mentioned in their passport, is located.</p><p>10. What if an NRI's voter registration application is rejected?</p><p>If an application is rejected, the Electoral Registration Officer will provide the reason for rejection. Applicants can address the issues cited, reapply, or appeal the decision as per the guidelines provided by the Election Commission of India.</p><span></div>

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