Thalapathy chasing political "Vijay"


Feb 07 2024

<div style=' background:#FFFFFF;color:#000000;font-family:Verdana;width:auto;padding:5px;max-height:100%;'><span><p>The transition from the silver screen to the political arena has become a well-trodden path for many actors seeking to leverage their celebrity status for social change and public service. One such new entrant into politics is the tamil actor Thalapathy Vijay, as he prepares to make his foray into politics by forming his own political party. With the launch of his political party Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam, vijay joins an elite list of actor who've established their own political parties! Vijay's decision to enter politics echoes a trend seen in the Indian film industry, where several prominent actors have transitioned into political leadership roles,&nbsp;Pawan Kalyan:</p><span></div><div style=' background:#FFFFFF;color:#000000;font-family:Verdana;width:auto;padding:5px;max-height:100%;'><span><p>Renowned for his charismatic on-screen presence, Pawan Kalyan stepped into the political limelight in 2008 when he assumed the role of the youth wing president of the Praja Rajyam Party, a political outfit founded by his illustrious brother, Chiranjeevi. However, it was in 2014 that Kalyan took the plunge into full-fledged political leadership by establishing his own party, Jana Sena. With a focus on championing the cause of the common man and addressing socio-political issues affecting the masses, Kalyan has emerged as a formidable force in Andhra Pradesh politics.</p><span></div><div style=' background:#FFFFFF;color:#000000;font-family:Verdana;width:auto;padding:5px;max-height:100%;'><span><p>Kamal Haasan</p><span></div><div style=' background:#FFFFFF;color:#000000;font-family:Verdana;width:auto;padding:5px;max-height:100%;'><span><p>Kamal Haasan founded the Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) party in 2018. The party's symbol, six interlocked hands, symbolizes cooperation among the southern states of India. Despite fielding 40 candidates in the 2021 Assembly elections, MNM failed to win a seat, attributed partly to unclear ideologies and stance on crucial issues like reservations. However, Kamal Haasan's political foray hasn't dimmed his stardom, as evidenced by the success of his recent film "Vikram." His films, known for their innovation and timeless appeal, continue to solidify his status as a cultural icon.</p><p>Chiranjeevi:</p><p>Chiranjeevi, a prominent figure in the Telugu film industry, embarked on a political journey in 2008 by founding Praja Rajyam (People's Rule) in Andhra Pradesh, advocating for social justice akin to Kamal Haasan's Makkal Needhi Maiam in 2018. Despite a grand inauguration attended by a million people, Chiranjeevi's political fortunes dwindled, leading to the merger of his party with the Congress in 2012. Notably, the split of Andhra Pradesh in 2014 spelled the demise of his political career, as he remained with the Congress but refrained from active involvement, focusing instead on his film career and other pursuits.</p><p>Other Prominent actors who forayed into politics:&nbsp;</p><p>Jayalalithaa:</p><p>The late Jayalalithaa, fondly remembered as the "Iron Lady" of Tamil Nadu politics, began her journey as a leading film actress in the 1960s. However, it was her foray into politics that truly cemented her legacy. Joining the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) in 1982, Jayalalithaa's ascent to power was meteoric. Breaking barriers as the state's youngest chief minister and the first woman to serve a full term in office, Jayalalithaa's indomitable spirit and unwavering leadership left an indelible mark on Tamil Nadu's political landscape.</p><p>Hema Malini:</p><p>A timeless beauty and iconic Bollywood actress, Hema Malini seamlessly transitioned into the realm of politics by aligning herself with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2004. Serving as a Rajya Sabha member from 2004 to 2009, Malini's political journey has been marked by her commitment to public service and advocacy for social causes. As the current Member of Parliament representing Mathura in the Lok Sabha, Malini continues to balance her illustrious film career with her duties as a political representative, embodying the fusion of glamour and governance.</p><p>These actors-turned-politicians exemplify the dynamic interplay between the worlds of cinema and politics, where fame and influence are harnessed not only for personal gain but also for the greater good of society. As they navigate the complexities of public service, their journeys serve as an attestation to the enduring power of celebrity activism and the potential for positive change when entertainment intersects with governance.</p><span></div>

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