Prime Minister Modi's Message to all the Parents


Feb 05 2024

<div style=' background:#FFFFFF;color:#000000;font-family:Verdana;width:auto;padding:5px;max-height:100%;'><span><p>The Prime Minister engaged with school students during the seventh edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha, a program aimed at creating a stress-free environment for students preparing for exams. The event took place at the Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi, with approximately 4000 students, teachers, and parents in attendance. PM Modi shared valuable advice to alleviate the pressure students face during exams and discussed ways in which teachers and parents can support them effectively. He shared some awesome tips to help everyone ace their exams stress-free. Here are the top 10 lessons:&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;1.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<b>Handling Pressure</b>:&nbsp; PM Modi reminded us that handling pressure is key to success. It's not just on the students; parents and teachers play a role too.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;2.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<b>Healthy Competition</b>: Life's all about challenges, right? PM Modi encouraged students to embrace competition but not get bogged down by it.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;3.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<b>Ambitious Friends</b>: Having ambitious friends is a plus! They can inspire us to do better, and we can help each other grow.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;4.&nbsp; &nbsp; <b>Teacher-Student Bond</b>: Teachers should connect with students beyond the syllabus. A positive bond boosts confidence and helps students learn from mistakes.&nbsp;</p><p>5.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<b>Parental Support</b>: Parents, avoid comparing your kids to others. It only adds to the pressure. Trust your child's abilities and instill resilience.&nbsp;</p><p>6.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<b>Writing Practice</b>: Time management is crucial during exams. PM Modi suggested regular writing practice to improve speed and accuracy.&nbsp;</p><p>7.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<b>Self-Care</b>: Just like gadgets need recharging, our bodies do too. Sunlight, sleep, a balanced diet, and exercise are key to staying active and focused.&nbsp;</p><p>8.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<b>Self-Confidence</b>: Be confident in your decisions and strive for success with courage. Failure is just a part of the journey.&nbsp;</p><p>9.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<b>Building Trust</b>: Trust between students, parents, and teachers is vital. It boosts confidence and fosters positive relationships.&nbsp;</p><p>10.&nbsp; &nbsp;<b>Tech Usage</b>: While gadgets are essential, moderation is key. PM Modi reminded us to balance screen time and leverage the positive aspects of technology.</p><span></div>

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