Mango Pickle Recipe


Jun 06 2023

<div style=' background:#FFFFFF;color:#000000;font-size:15px;font-family:Verdana;width:auto;padding:5px;max-height:100%;'><span><p> <b><p></p></b><p>Mango pickle, also known as aam ka achar, is a popular Indian condiment made from raw green mangoes. It is a spicy and tangy pickle that can be enjoyed with rice, roti, or any Indian meal. Here's a step-by-step process of making mango pickle:</p><br><p>Ingredients:</p><br><p>1 kg raw green mangoes</p><p>100 gms mustard seeds</p><p>75 gms fenugreek seeds</p><p>150 gms red chili powder</p><p>200 ml mustard oil</p><p>2 tbsp turmeric powder</p><p>2 tbsp asafoetida powder</p><p>Salt to taste</p><p>Instructions:</p><br><p>Wash and dry the raw green mangoes thoroughly. Cut them into small pieces, discarding the seed.</p><p>In a pan, dry roast the mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds separately until they turn slightly brown.</p><p>Grind the roasted seeds into a fine powder using a blender or a mortar and pestle.</p><p>In a bowl, mix the mustard and fenugreek powder with red chili powder, turmeric powder, asafoetida powder, and salt.</p><p>Add the mango pieces to the spice mixture and mix well. Make sure all the mango pieces are coated with the spice mixture.</p><p>Heat mustard oil in a pan until it reaches smoking point. Turn off the heat and let it cool for a few minutes.</p><p>Add the cooled mustard oil to the mango mixture and mix well.</p><p>Transfer the mango pickle to a sterilized jar and keep it in the sun for 4-5 days. Stir the pickle every day to make sure the mango pieces are coated with the oil and spices.</p><p>After 4-5 days, your mango pickle is ready to eat. You can store it in a cool and dry place for up to 6 months.</p><p>Tips:</p><br><p>Use a dry and clean utensil to mix the pickle. Any moisture or impurities can spoil the pickle.</p><p>Always use mustard oil for making mango pickle. It adds a unique flavor and acts as a preservative.</p><p>Make sure the mango pieces are completely dry before adding them to the spice mixture. Any moisture can spoil the pickle.</p><p>You can adjust the amount of red chili powder and salt according to your taste.</p><p>Store the pickle in a glass or ceramic jar. Avoid using plastic or metal containers.</p><p>In conclusion, making mango pickle is a simple process that requires a few ingredients and some patience. Once you make it, you can enjoy the tangy and spicy taste of this delicious condiment with your meals.</p><br><b></b> <br></p><span></div>

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