A Decision and a Turmoil

Suneetha Malkani

Dec 28 2022

<div style=' background:#FFFFFF;color:#000000;font-size:15px;font-family:Verdana;width:auto;padding:5px;max-height:100%;'><span><p>A decision and a turmoil<br>2012, Presidential Elections, USA. Between the two Obama Presidential terms.<br>-Suneetha Malkani<br><br>"Are you girls all packed?" Mom asked.<br><br>"Yes, we are!!" replied the older girl, excitedly.<br><br>"I still see your sister's favorite toy - put it in her backpack please", said Mom, frantically racing against time while trying to rummage through a huge binder, sorting through and putting away some important documents into her carry-on bag.<br><br>"She doesn't need it. Anyway, we'll be back soon. Right?" asked the older girl assumedly, as she walked towards her own backpack. Mom ignored the question, something not typical of her.<br><br>The girl stood still for a moment. Mom’s silence distressed her, so she came back and posed the question once again-softly, yet firmly - "We'll be back soon, won't we?" She needed an answer and was not going to be passed over.<br><br>Mom led her into the next room out of earshot of the younger one, who seemed to be oblivious to the conversation, rocking away to the music from her player that seemed to fill her young spirit. In the chamber where the little one was sitting, her brand of music filled the room making the place feel warm and lively.<br>As Mom and the older girl stepped through the ornately carved entrance, the silence in the chamber was cold.<br><br>"We may not be back" , said Mom facing her daughter, her hands on the daughter's shoulders looking at the child soothingly - trying to hide the storm of uncertainty that was going through her mind behind a gentle veil. <br><br>"You know…. with all the things going on for Dad, well we're not sure if he'll get to.., get to.. stay on", she said trying to find the right words. "I know you girls love this city, but we may have to go back home", she said and sighed softly, having delivered the message. She held her daughter close to her heart, hugging her, reassurance in that hug. "Don't you girls love it to be back with Nana? And you can be back with all of your old friends", she tried to explain.<br><br>Realization dawned on those young shoulders, which were slightly slumped now, unsure how to take the news. For now, it seemed to quieten her. Finally, she looked up, her arms still tightly embracing Mom, a glint of a tear in her eyes, "But Mom, how about school? Are you going to change our schools? Do we have to go to a new school? I'm not even sure all my old friends in our city are there anymore or if they'll talk to me, after all this."<br><br>"Well, I said we may 'have to'. It's not decided yet, .. ok? Why don't we cross that bridge when we get there? And we'll tell your sister at that time, not right now -- she's too young to understand. Isn't she? So, let's keep this between us…for now. Ok, my sweetheart? We have to get going now I think - Let's finish packing up". She kissed her daughter and slowly walked back to resume the job she was on.<br><br>The older one nodded and quietly helped pack her sister's backpack, putting that favorite toy in, deep in thought.<br>There was a knock on the door.<br>"Come in", said Mom.<br>"Ma'am, we're ready to leave" said the man at the door.<br><br>"Let's go" said the First lady, the familiar brilliant smile back on her face. Holding both her daughters' tender palms firmly in either hand she walked out the door, not daring to turn around and look back.<br><br>Their fate now lay in the hands of millions of citizens outside that door.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br></p><span></div>

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